About us

Our company

O2D, as it currently is, was founded in 2016 but had his roots in early 2000 with more than 20 years of experience in distribution and selling products in a wide range of markets. Our mission is to bring new products to the market that haven’t been available yet.

We band together with our suppliers and our dealers to find the cream of the crop and bring it on the market for you! Our dealers bring the products close to you, we provide you via the Internet and send our products directly to your home. So the customer gets;

  • Top-quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Own delivery service

Our team

Leading by Example

O2D is a people-first company. We strive to create a unique, engaging work environment that fosters the kind of loyalty and long-term commitment that makes for consistently happy employees, customers and suppliers. Our leadership team is made up of people who epitomize this aspiration.


Above and Beyond Delivery is a lifeline for us. They run daily shipments, which are vital to our business - 365 days a year with no day-offs. These shipments, plus other daily hauls of materials, are essential for our operations to function. Without these deliveries, our company would lose business. The daily coordination and communication required are immense, and they are up for the job. It would be a tremendous effort for us to bring this service in-house and they have truly been a trusted and reliable partner to us over the years.

Always on-time delivery's

Today was my first purchase with O2D. I love the collection and their brands. This will be the one time, stop for all my future webshop products! I will recommend it to others. O2D has such unique and fun collection of baby accessories.

Best collection ever